Quadrature Pulse Generator - Simulating an Encoder

I am looking to contract someone to develop a quadrature pulse generator using Arduino. I am new to this forum and have no experience with this hardware. Since I don't have too much time to familiarize myself with the hardware, I am willing to pay someone to develop it for me.

The board needs to be able to output quadrature pulses from 0 up to 35Khz with the ability to change the frequency via a potentiometer. The output needs to be a line driver (5V) which will be connected to a servo drive (encoder feedback input). The board needs to be independent with only power connection to it.

If anyone is interested in building and coding such a project let me know (dripsys1@gmail.com)


At that top speed you might be better off using pure hardware solution. A voltage variable square wave oscillator running a 4X desired frequency driving a couple of flip flops and then on to the line drive chips would be a pretty simple design. If you do go with a micro solution you will have to define your desired frequency resolution (speed step size).

Good luck and I hope you fine someone to help you out.