Quadstepper A and B Terminals

I'm trying to connect a stepper motor (http://www.interinar.com/vexta-px243m-03aa.html) to the Sparkfun Quadstepper (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10507). The Quadstepper for some reason does not lable A and B terminals on the connection. Is anyone aware of how this should be connected? Thanks for any help.

the Quadstepper is basically 4 of these in 1 board. http://www.schmalzhaus.com/BigEasyDriver/

for whatever channel you're using, the outputs would be like this |COIL A|COIL A|COIL B|COIL B|

I'm still learning about all this myself, but I believe that with a bipolar stepper motor there is no + or - for each coil. just hook them up and it'll run as long as the two wires for coil A are in the right place and same for coil B.

If the stepper motor has 4, 6, or 8 wires it can be used with the Quadstepper. If it has 5 wires it cannot be used.

Set your multimeter to read Ohms and read the resistance between the wires. Eventually you will find that there are two groups of wires with conductivity between them, and two wires in each group will have a higher resistance between them than between any other wire. Those two wires will comprise Coil A1 and Coil A2 or Coil B1 and Coil B2.

Thanks for your help. I founds the site below to reference the black, green, red, blue layout. Hope this helps people in the future.


just a note, if you know a stepper is bipolar you can determin the coils by touching the wires together (with no power connected of course).

lets say you've got a 4 wire stepper, brown, black, orange, red. with nothing connected turn the motor by hand and feel how much resistance there is. then cross any two wires e.g. brown & black. turn the motor again and if you feel increased resistance then you have found the two wires for one coil. repeat as many times as needed for 4/6/8 wire steppers...