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Hi Guys,

I have been working on a project that involves using an esp32 to create a portable bluetooth speaker that can be connected to a custom BLE connected app to control addressable led strips over a single bluetooth connection. Whist I have had a lot of success doing this, I would love to be able to wirelessly connect multiple speakers together to play synced audio.

After some research, it seems as if the esp32 isnt capable of doing this :frowning:

Qualcomms Broadcast audio technology seems like the perfect solution to my problem, however, It means restarting my project on a Qualcomm chip.

My question is, can a Qualcomm qcc30xx series chip be programmed in a similar way to an esp32/arduino to be able to send/receive serial BLE data? Even if it means being able to receive serial data and then pass it onto an esp32 to control the led strips?

I really dont want to have to have 2 separate bluetooth connections/names showing up on the users phone(one for audio on the Qualcomm chip and one for serial on the esp32) as it would ruin the user experience.

I have seen a lot online about reprogramming them to have custom names and creating dsp profiles but thats about it.

Any guidance on this situation would be greatly appreciated!

Ask Qualcomm

What an incredibly useful answer to an honest question.:ok_hand:

How many people do you expect to find here on the Arduino forum with enough experience on that specific Qualcomm chip and software to be able to intelligently respond to your question? My guess would be approximately zero.

Someone has the same question as you do here


If you dont know the answer then why waste your time even responding.

I didnt see any harm in trying to find help amongst this massive community of makers...

Thank you for trying to help! But thats actually me asking the same question on a different form to no avail!:joy::joy:

Wow! That attitude will really encourage people to want to help you...

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Im confused, you literally replied saying I was stupid to ask a question about programming on a forum about programming and your surprised with my reply?

I knew my odds would be slim finding the answer on here but honestly didnt think it would be a problem giving it a shot.

Sorry if I have wasted your time!

We do have a sub-forum to seek qualified for-hire programmers as you are representing the production of a commercial product; or, maybe you are just going to give away a number of prototypes to friends and are sincerely concerned about "user experience."

IMO, the comments were kind. But do give the underlying tone some validity; asking on a Qualcomm forum would likely bring out some useful information.


That's an interesting take on what was written.

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