quastion in regard to the nrf24l01

Is it possible to use two Arduino Mega boards to transfer and recieve data? Or do I have to use only Uno board or mini boards? Two MEGAS dont work for me... I followed every tutorial on youtube, and still cant get my nrf24L01 transmit nor recieve data using my two MEGA boards(I used the special connections that the MEGA BOARD srequries)...
BTW, I tried both the anntena and the non-anntena version of the nrf24L01 - and they both dont work
I would really appreciate help, thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe move them a few metres apart?
Have you got adequate decoupling on the transceivers?

Are you aware that the SPI pins are different on the Mega compared to Uno or Nano?

The SPI reference.

Try Robin2’s simple rf24 tutorial but change the SPI pins to match the Mega pinout.

Also, in his tutorial, Robin2 covers the potential problems with power to the rf24 radios. I use a separate 5V to 3.3V regulator for my radios. The rf24 adapters have a 3.3V regulator on board that makes it easier.

I have used the nRF24s with Megas without any problem. However the 3.3v pin on my Mega clone cannot provide enough current for the nRF24 whereas the genuine Mega can.

On a Mega pin 53 is SS so make sure it is set as OUTPUT even if you are not using it with the nRF24


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