query about distance measuring

i am working on a new project in which i require to make an obstacle detector.i want to use lasers as they are more accurate than ultrasonic sensors. can someone suggest the sensors to be used and idea about programming.

also want to use this to sense distance.

help is appreciated.

Distance over what range?

1m- 4ms

Are you saying meters, or milliseconds?

You don’t use an “s” for plural when using just the letter for meters. So you would write “10 meters” or “10m”, not “10ms”.

Check out this thread:

5cm to 70m measurement range.

can you suggest how can i detect potholes using laser range finder.currently i am using ultrasonic sensor but when used diagonally ,it gives error .can you suggest something.

And thank you for the grammer.appreciated

Detect potholes while going how fast?

Presumably, you wish to detect them before hitting them?
Do you care how wide they are?

Or is it more of a “Lookout!” pause - Bang!

Detect potholes while going how fast?

1m- 4ms

I'm confused

normal walking speed.

not necessarily know how wide they are but detect them at least a meter or so before.can you suggest any sensor or any technique to do so using genuino uno. more of a lookout

I think this might work ok

Mount it head-high looking forward some (you'll have to experiment to find the angle that gives the best results), continuously measure the distance, could pick up 1" deep potholes.
Might want it gyroscopically stabilized to counter act your walking motions.

i need more of a budget friendly options plus sparkfun is not operational in india . anything???