Query in Extended Data Base

Hello everybody,

I want to create a data base in Arduino for data logging of informations inputed by a PS/2 keyboard.

Each record will include several data (a "serial number" of the record, a "name", a "time" in hours and minutes, and other three text variables).

I need to know how/if is possible to query the data base, in order to find a "name": if the new entry has the same name of a previously entered one, the new record will not be stored in the data base.

Any existing application? Thanks for your help.

I need to know how/if is possible to query the data base


How are you storing the data? How much data are you storing? What kind of interesting data are you getting from a keyboard?

Thank you for the reply.

I'm just beginning the sketch.

I'm working on a log for amateur radio contest (if it is useful to know): during the competition the log is filled (in a SD card or a USB pen, what is the easiest way). Then the log is downloaded into a PC for its arrangement and mailing to the contest committee.

Each record has the following data: 1) transmitted serial number (001, 002, 003, ... up to 999) - automatically incremented by software after the input of the previous record has been completed; 2) received callsign (10 alphanumeric digits, A..Z, 0..9 and slash /); 3) received report (3 decimal units, e.g. 599); 4) received serial number (3 decimal units, like pos. 1); 5) received geographical locator WWL (6 alphanumeric digits - 2 letters, 2 decimal units, 2 letters); 6) time at end of record input (hours and minutes).

Except for pos. 1 and 6, all the data are inputed by keyboard.

Even if 999 records are out of imagination, 200-300 records are a realistic in a good contest scoring.

Meanwhile, a second data base is filled with the inputed callsign and related geographical locator(s), so that they can be suggested during a new contest.

Thank you in advance.

200-300 records are a realistic in a good contest scoring.

A record consists of 3 + 10 + 3 + 3 + 6 + 4 (or more) characters, for a total of 29 or more. The SRAM on a typical Arduino is 2048 bytes. That's enough space for 69 records IF there is no overhead. There is plenty of overhead involved with the Extended Data Base process.

Even a Mega would be able to store only 276 records, with no overhead.