Query on Analog Reference(INTERNAL) - AREF

Hi Guys!!! I am a beginner in Arduino and I am working on a Temperature Sensor Project using the Pt100 RTD. The output Voltage from my circuit varies from 0V to 1V for 0*C to 100*C respectively. I have based my circuit based on the following link:


Since the output voltage is this low I was thinking of using the analogReference(INTERNAL), the problem is that I am not entirely sure how to go about doing it.

Do you connect the output from the circuit straight to the AREF pin or do you connect it to any of the Analog In pins or do you have to have a different circuit for that??

Thanks for the help in advance.

You simply select the internal reference, and connect the voltage to be measured to an analogue input. make sure you read the notes about reference voltage selection.

So you mean you connect the output straight to any one of the analog pins and not onto the aref pin.

The reference pin is just that - you connect a reference voltage to it, though obviously not in this case.