Query on JET FILL TENSIOMETER with arduino


I am trying to integrate the JET FILL TENSIOMETER with the arduino.For doing this i need ur help bcz i don really understand the spec sheet of the Tensiometer.Can anyone please tell me a way of going with this.

Thanku very much

[Soil Moisture] Tensiometer Brochure.pdf (253 KB)

The 2100F will also accept a pressure transducer (optional) when results are required for automated purposes and need to be stored in a data logger.

If you have transducer, than yes, it could be interfaced.

Can you briefly tell me how it can be interfaced.

Thanku very much

Pressure sensors (transducers) typically output a voltage that varies directly with the pressure (or vacuum). It can be as simple as performing an analogRead() on the signal pin of the sensor.

Google comes up with an example at http://david.neonquill.com/projects/rain_barrel/index.html. In this case he is reading positive pressure; you would be reading negative pressure, but the concept is the same.

For more concrete details you need to contact Jet Fill for the spec sheet on the transducer they sell for the tensiometer.