Query on timers

I've finally got my timer1 on attiny85 to work!

However, I feel, I may need another timer.
Timer0 is primarily used by arduino when delay/millis are called.

Here is my usecase.
I am NOT able to reuse timer1 due to a dedicated need for timer1.
I plan on using an IRLIBRARY to send out IR Codes. (only transmit)
I understand that IR Libraries use timers to send out codes as they operate at 38khz.

My query is,

  • My program uses delay / millis at times but when I do run a transmit IR code, i do NOT need to use delay / millis.
  • I am afraid that the ircode messes with the settings of the timer0 and thus, after transmitting IR code, I may not be able to use delay / millis properly due to this.
  1. Is there any way to revert timer0 settings back to 'default' that arduino uses for delay once ircode transmission is done? If yes, what are the default settings?

Thank you!