Query oracle database using Arduino Uno with ethernet shield

Hello Everyone.
Nice to meet you all! Im new here.

The project:

Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield monitoring databases/servers.

  1. Ping IP ping ok? ligth up green led / Not ok? ligth up red led. (This part is ok :slight_smile: )

  2. Connect on Oracle database hosted on the ip and run a simple query: Query successful?ligth up green led / Not successful? ligth up red led.

So the problem is to do the task number 2. I searched it in many places but couldn't find.

Do you guys know how and if it is possible to do it?

Thank you!

I doubt there is an Oracle SQL*Net client implementation for arduino. Do you have anything at all running on the server that presents an HTTP interface? Oracle may have an internal HTTP server implementation. Maybe that would do the trick?

Oh Thank you!
That is a good Idea! Actually there is a web interface that is like a console to manage some configurations.

If the database is down, the web console goes down too... So the thing is to monitor this page...

But how can I do that?.... I did it before using "isDomainAvailible" for php... But have no Idea on how to do it with arduino.

Any previous experience on it?

Thank you!

What is the exact purpose of this exercise? Not fully clear to me. Do you have to run a query? Would being able to connect to the database server be sufficient?

If so, you can possibly simply connect as a dumb client to the server on the specific โ€˜oracleโ€™ port.