Querying Bluetooth Mate info for Bluetooth Connectivity

Hi all,

My project is an Arduino powered "Couch Guardian." We have a Labrador that gets on the couch when we aren't around which leaves the couch covered in hair and dog slobber. She ONLY does this once we leave the house and she's sure we aren't around.

My goal is to use an air horn triggered by a proximity sensor aimed along the length of the couch cushions. This would be fine to keep it simple, but I want to automate it using Bluetooth. I would like to have the Arduino check the status of my Bluetooth Mate attached to the Arduino and set an armed status depending on whether or not my (or my wife or son's) cell phones are in range.

I am far from a programmer, but I can find the code snippets I want and splice them together to make them work. My biggest hurdle that I don't know how to tackle right now is how to poll the Bluetooth Mate for it's "Connected" status with the Arduino. Any ideas?

I do have the BT Mate configured to auto-pair with my cell phone and that functionality is working like a champ so far.