Question about a synthesizer ( Auduino )

Hi I built (got it work) a synthesizer following this tutorial but I don't undestand why the circuit has a photoresistor and leds, could someone explain this to me?

Here's the code

Here's how the wiring looks:



First off remember that Instructables are crap and it is not the place to learn stuff.

The photo cell is used as an input parameter to change the sounds and the LEDs as indicators. Are you saying that they do nothing on your circuit? Those resistors look to be shorted out by the bread board.

Hi Onemorefreak,

they try to use the photo-resistor as a "theremin-like" control system. By masking/unmasking the LDR, you can modify the sound generated by the program.

Now, calling this program a synthesizer is rather laughable... It's more a noise making box than a real musical instrument.

And I have the same feeling as Mike : your resistors are shorted the way they are mounted (the two pins of the resistors are on the same line, they shall be on different lines on such a breadboard)

The photocell hasn't been wired up correctly either. The green wire should be connected to the other leg of the photocell.