question about AD420ANZ-32 DAC

is the AD420ANZ-32 DAC a unipolar or offset bipolar converter? I've looked at the data sheet and could not find anything. also, would the tutorials here; be efficient for understanding how to use the DAC?

Also, if anyone knows any sources for the basics/introductions to using a DAC like this please leave them below. I have searched for tutorials or intros to get me acquainted with the DAC but can not find anything. Thanks!

The Iout output sources current to ground, and is compliant from fairly close to the +ve rail down to at least the ground potential.

The Vout output allows standard voltage mode if selected - I presume the codespace goes from 0x0000 (low current) upto 0xFFFF (high current) - but I couldn't verify this on a quick scan of the datasheet.