Question about aquarium led lights

Hello. I am trying to find the right parts and code so that I can make an aquarium led project that follows the pattern of the sun. Can anyone help me with this? I have already found this question but I don't know if they have similar solutions. Light Sensor and LED Problem - LilyPad

What specific question do you have?

I am trying to make a light system for my aquarium and I'm looking for the exact materials and code for it. I want it to follow the pattern of the sun mostly for my plants.

Ok, let me try and rephrase it: how far have you gotten on your own and where did you get stuck?
Also, playing the devil's advocate - have you looked at the commercially available options yet as well as the projects of people with similar requirement like yours? I'm not an aquarium guy, but I have come across quite a few aquarium lighting solutions and projects in my online meanderings. I'm sure you're not the first to try your hand at this.

Hi @mike_mileras !

I’m actually building a light fixture for my 200 gallon (soon to be planted) aquarium!
In short, I’m building the light fixture, controlled with an ESP32, with a website to allow user interface.

I can mimic the sun, and will be building light patterns to mimic sunrise, sunsets, and maybe a lightning storm.

I’m retrofitting an old XBOX 360 case to house all my components too.

Here is a list of my hardware:

  • ESP32, with 5v power
  • 300 watt power supply
  • 682 SK6812 RGBW LEDs 5v 60 LEDs/m
  • an old XBOX 360
  • 20 awg solid core wire
  • lots of solder

I have 8 rows of 85 LEDs glued to a 55” x 15” PVC sheet. This is my light fixture. I also have two LEDs installed to light up the original XBOX 360 power button.

I’ve already learned that I should have used 12v LED strips instead of 5v because voltage drop is a real pain in the arse!

My project is still in progress, but I think I could help get you on the right track. Heck, we could even contribute to the same GitHub repo.

Apparently that is one of the better uses of that device. :grin: