Question About Arduino Mega Capability

I hope this is in the right place, this section said - “Advice on general approaches or feasibility” - and my question is just that.

Greeting all, I am new here and come with a question I hope can be answered one way or another. This relates to motion control and multiple searches could not turn up any good answers.

I am wondering if it is within the capability of the Arduino Mega to not just control 4 stepper motors, (of that there is no question it can) but be able to also read and compare feedback from a 3200 count per revolution encoder from all 4 motors? Given that the motors would be at max, turning 200 RPM, that gives a little over 10.6 Khz signal per input. Can the Arduino handle the 4 signals and be able to make comparisons for missed/over steps and issue corrections if necessary.

I’m not concerned about specific program code at the moment, only if it would be possible for the hardware to handle it. No sense worrying about code if this is beyond the physical capabilities of the hardware.

Thank you for your time and please inform me if their is any additional information you might need.