Question about Arduino Talkie library

Hello! This is my first post, so forgive me if I have put this question in the wrong spot. :slight_smile: I have been using the Talkie Library for a good while, and always connected one terminal of the speaker to pin 3 (audio output) and the other to GND. It always seems to work, but I recently figured out that one terminal of the speaker goes to pin 3 on Arduino and the other terminal goes to pin 11. Am I damaging the speaker or board if I connect it the way I always have? Or is it just another way of doing it? Hopefully this question isn't too silly!

Thanks, transistor_man

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Despite the many bad tutorials telling you to do so, you will damage the Arduino by connecting a speaker to an output pin. A speaker will draw far more than the allowable current of about 20 mA.

If the Arduino output pin is not yet fried, you have simply been lucky. Use an audio amplifier of some sort.

I recommend the MD8002A. 2W x 2 @ 4ohm with no extra components.
Ever used that one?
I prefer it over the LM386 because it's cheaper, uses less power per watt, and is a much smaller board to add to a project.

Thanks for the quick reply! I have not yet fried any of my pins (luckily) and everything seems OK. So, from my understanding, you should connect the speaker between pin 3 and 11? Or do I need some sort of amp to go along with it? The schematic shows the speaker between 3 & 11 on the Talkie Github page. Thanks again! (I guess I probably should have done some more research, oops!)


Absolutely not. Why post if you don't bother to read the replies?

I'm sorry, I am pretty new to this stuff. I don't mean to waste your time.

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