Question about Avalanche Photodiode (APD)

Hi everyone,

How can I reach the breakdown voltage without applying the voltage written in the datasheet (80 volts!) , can I build a simple amplifier circuit with a battery of 5 V?
I wonder because every regular range meter with APD has a battery of 3 volts, so how do they reaching the brakdown voltage??

It would be good to know the part number you are using.

To get a high voltage from a low one you need a circuit called a voltage inverter. It consists of an oscillator feeding in to a transformer and then rectifying the output to get the DC output.
This is the sort of circuit they use in radiation detectors using GM tubes, only there they are after 600V or so.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for relpying. my part is AD500-8 APD.

I will start working on the the DC/DC converter like you suggests.