Question about board size and capability.

Hello all. I’m new here and have a question.

I want to build something that can detect motion (accelerometer style) and play back a sound when it moves. If this could work I would prefer it to be able to detect more than 1 range of speeds of movement and play a different sound depending on the speed range. (maybe 3 or 4 sounds total)

It would have to be a fairly small device (under 1.25 inches by 4 inches) and be powered by no more than 4 AAA batteries for my needs.

Is this something one of the Arduino boards can do?

Hmm… the dimensions you give are rather small… i would recommend to look at the PICO (In the news board, relatively new) and attached to that one of Sparkfuns Accelerations sensors as well some Buzzer or something to emit some sound. The 4 levels of sound are programmable i guess although speed is something different than acceleration. I wouldnt know how to detect speed at all…

That PICO appears to be of a usable size.

Would this be able to play back sounds other than beeps/buzzes such as a .wav file (or one converted to a usable format) ? (if it can be connected to a small speaker of some kind of course)

As for the ‘speed’ perhaps that isnt the right term. I want it so that if the device moves quickly it plays sound #1, if it moves slowly it plays sound #2. (as an example)

Hm, then acceleration is right for you.
As for sounds… have a look at Audio Shield for Arduino . You may redesign it with Microsd… perhaps that would do?

That thing looks like its the same size as the full size Arduino, which would be too big. I’ll have to see if it can be made smaller somehow.

I also found this on sparkfun, is this also similar to the PICO? (it appears to be within the size range I need also)
Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz

similar, but i think the pico is smaller…
About the shield, yes its Arduino sized, but should be possible to make it smaller - the biggest parts are the wheel (you can skip that) as well as the SD Card holder which could be replacable by MicroSD…
Else… hmm, you could see if you can get some EEPROM(s) to store waves and use some of the code from that shield… i would recommend using I2C eeproms if possible to use less pins and easier interfacing with that small form factor… but using EEPROMS would definetly limit the size of the waves dramatically…

last possible thing i can think off… use the shield as a template and try to wire up a mini/micro SD directly into the system using multiple small platines or omiting them where possible… the size is really a problem! G

The wav files I would want to use are very small. They are only 1 or 2 seconds in length so nothing very complex.

I will look into that shield. The SD card is probably a bit on the large side since they are about 32mm wide (I think thats about 1.25 inches) and I dont know if that would fit for my project. The MicroSD would work for sure if it can be wired up.

if it is just for a few seconds you could go with EEPROM i think…

you may want to have a look at those running I2C with 512kb

I imagine 512kb would be plenty for these files.
I’m totally new at this so I’ll have to look around for guides or something.

Thanks for the help so far!

To get the size of the device even smaller make your own PCB with an Atmega on it.