Question about Bridge.put() Bridge.get()

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Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find it.

Does the Bridge.put() and Bridge.get() (either from the 32u4 to Linino or vice-versa) are reliable in terms of not losing any information ? For instance, if I have something like this on the 32u4 side:

void loop()
  static long counter = 0;
  char mls[25];
  sprintf(mls, "%lu", counter++);
  Bridge.put("counter", mls);

Then, for every bridge.get() that I do on Linino side, I should get an ordered sequence, beginning at "0", right ?

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For the reference, I found this documentation:

So my understanding is that, using the example above, the key-value will have its value being replaced at every loop interaction.

This is an excellent question that I would also like an answer to. Does bridge put/get act as a buffer or is it simply a variable. If it's simply a variable, then I can't see how it could be reliable as a communication method. There is no way to ensure you consumed every piece of information that was placed by the other processor before being overwritten.