question about communication with pcs

I’m new in microcontroller world , i’have choose arduino to start
ok i’have receve an arduino duemilanove , i’have do some basic test (like turn on/off a led) but now i want to wrote some programs in C who can communicate with the arduino

i’have found this : Trossen Robotics Community Database Error

that’s what i want but it’s say in the thread that’s need a linux os
im running on XP and im programming with codebloks , can i use
serialport founction ?


if not what librairie / founction i have to use

(i want to make simple cnc )

thanks (and sorry for my bad english … )

Yes, you can. Basic, C, C++, C# and most other languages provide some mechanism for communicating with the serial port. You simply need to check the documentation for you language/compiler for that mechanism, and code away.

Selecting the correct serial port is the hardest part.

Setting the baud rate, parity, and stop bits is the next most complicated part.

Sending and receiving data is easy. It’s designing a protocol (a contract between the PC and the Arduino) that’s time-consuming.