Question about compatibility/feasibility before getting started

I'm looking to get into creating some different projects and wanted to start off with something that's over my head so that I need to cram a lot to progress.

My plan is to create a device that controls two motors. The device will have a touch screen interface to make the motors function. The device should accept different time intervals for the motors to be active. So, on the display, I would set the time to, say, 450 milliseconds, and the motors would kick in for 450 milliseconds. It'd be nice to control the speed of/power to the motors as well, but turning them on full power would suffice.

These are the components I was planning to use:

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev 3

2.8" Nextion HMI LCD

10A 5-25V Dual Channel DC Motor Driver

My question(s) are as follows:

1.) Are the touchscreen display and motor driver compatible with the micro controller?
2.) Is the power pack sufficient for running the micro controller and touchscreen for at least an hour (at full charge)? Best guess is ok.
3.) Will I be able to control speeds / power output with the motor driver?
4.) Except for dc motors, am I missing anything that I would need to assemble everything?

Any suggestions or tips appreciated. Thanks!

I see no problem with the hardware you selected but you don’t show which motors you plan on using. You can use PWM for controlling the speed of the motors. You may also want to consider quadrature encoders for the motors to provide speed and direction feedback to the controller.
If the motors draw considerable current you may want to consider a separate power pack for the electronics to prevent spurious resets and other EMI type problems.

Thanks, Due_unto!