Question about control a physical button

Hello community,i dont sure if this topic go here but i tell my question:
I have a problem that i like to help me. I want to transform a physical button of an inverter dc/ac that is install in my solar electric installation, to a program in arduino who change the position of this button because the inverter turn off if the charge is low, and to turn on, i have put the button in position off and later on to the correct function of the inverter.
It is posible to make this? What do i need to make this?
I am beggineer, and is really interesting for me.
Thanks for your attention and replies, and sorry for my english i am spanish
Best regards to all!!

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Yes, this can be done. If it is a simple on/off switch then you can replace the switch with a relay and the Arduino can control that.there are better ways but this is easiest for a beginner and all that's needed is an Arduino and a relay board.

if not then you will have to give more information on exactly what you have.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your recomendations i try to make you told me, and sorry for the title i try change when i post my problem but didnt sucees