question about extending ribbon connections

Hello..extreme rookie at knowing the right terms for certain components and I'm looking for the right word for a certain kind of coupler/connector.

I just got 4 hotpot touch sensors off of sparkfun and some screw terminals as well but didn't read the datasheets on them and the touch sensors don't quite fit in there (the sensor connections will fit fine on a normal breadboard) so i'm looking for another solution to extend the connections coming off of the touch sensors that hopefully doesnt involve soldering a wire into the end of their fragile connectors..i just need a way to couple them to another wire so that i can mount them properly when i make my final project case

does anyone have the magic word/component that im looking for? or another idea about how to make this work? thanks!

Those look a lot like IC pins in the photos.

I’d use an IC socket to connect them. If they’re going to be mounted so all their connectors can be brought to one socket, I’d put a 14-pin socket in a piece of Veroboard, or something like this, and mount it to the panel behind the pots. That will strain-relieve those fragile flex-connectors.

If you can’t do that, cut the 14-pin socket into four 3-pin sockets.