question about GPS antenna

I'm currently trying to run an itead gps shield but I was wondering if someone can help out with some antenna advice?

the shield that I have is:

and the antenna that they carry in their store is:

so does this need to have a frequency? I ask because I already have two antennas that came with some APC220 modules that look like they should fit but wasn't sure it they would fry my gps or not.

here's the link to the modules and datasheet:

thanks in advance!

The antenna needs to be tuned to the correct frequency to work with GPS signals. As long as the antenna is active, and meant for GPS, the frequency won't matter, and there is really no reason to state those data's.

The other device you link to, cannot be used with GPS. You need an active patch-antenna for receiving the GPS signals.

// Per.

Hello Whiskey, I am working on the GPS shield too. I have the antenna you posted. I have a problem. It seems that it cannot find the satellite, I tried our of the house. The UART interface works well, I can receive and send message to the GPS receiver. Did you have the same problem?

Thanks Johnny.

hey Johnny,

I ordered 2 different antennas and one of them showed up today in the mail, I plugged it in and used "tiny GPS test" code from the "tiny gps library" and it worked almost instantly. I had to change the baud rates to 9600 and moved the jumpers to 3,4 (TX,RX for the shield).

The antenna I used was:

I actually bought the one from ebay only because Robotshop was out of them at the time but I'm pretty sure there the same. I'm still waiting for the antenna like yours to arrive.