Question about GSM libraries

i try different programs and i don't know how to fix this error. i downloaded GSM directory and i put it on the Arduino Libraries but i don't work

samp.cpp:1:20: error: SIM900.h: No such file or directory samp.cpp:10:17: error: sms.h: No such file or directory samp:10: error: 'SMSGSM' does not name a type samp.cpp: In function 'void setup()': samp:28: error: 'mySerial' was not declared in this scope samp:33: error: 'gsm' was not declared in this scope samp:41: error: 'sms' was not declared in this scope samp.cpp: In function 'void loop()': samp:51: error: 'gsm' was not declared in this scope

You need the header file and the code file for the library.

You also need to restart the IDE after you have copied the files for the library to the correct folder.

You also need to include the header file for the library at the top of your sketch.

is this right or it's lacking of libraries? there still an error :~

Where to downlaod all the libraries. arduino don't provide them when i donwload the IDE

wire.h newsoftserial.h newsoftserial.cpp GSM.ccp GSM.h


Have you tried Google ?

yes i already,. but i want a whole package of libraries. i downloaded everything. every time i compile the program it finds something like .h or .ccp file right now i can't download and find wire.h file.

You don't use NewSoftSerial with 1.0+. If the library you downloaded expects to use NewSoftSerial, you must fix that library.