Question about GSM shield

Hello guys,

I'm currently looking to have a shield sending a SMS via the Arduino to someone, since these GSM shields are kinda expensive I want to make sure I buy the shield that can do it, and not that after I bought it I figure out that it's not compatible with the SIM's in my country or something (which is the Netherlands) like that..

If any of you could link me to a Aliexpress (I'd prefer Aliexpress, not eBay) GSM shield product that can do that, I'd be really happy! Also what is better a GSM shield, a GSM/GPRS shield, what's the difference between it??

Here link to Aliexpress search: Click here

Thanks in advance!

It'd be also nice if there's a GPS (track) possibility is, on the shield :).

In the Netherlands they use 900/1800MHz for GSM according to a quick google search, but you can easily confirm that by checking your provider, for example -* - shows that T-mobile USA uses 1900MHz for GSM. All of the boards I clicked show 850/900/1800/1900MHz support, which is all of the frequencies anyways, so take your pick.

As for GPRS - - it essentially provides IP support over GSM, but probably all of those boards are GPRS since all the ones I saw were based on the SIM900 which is GSM/GPRS. If you are just doing SMS either will work.

Thank you! So if I take this one, it will be able to send SMS and use track with GPS? Click here