Question about I/O - How many devices

Hi all,

I'm new to all this and my question is: I want to be able to read data from 3 gyros and 1 triple axis accelerometer and 2 servo channels of my receiver, also be able control 4 servos...

Here are the gyros:

And the accelerometer:

Can I do all these with one Arduino? If not, what do I need?


with a diecimila, youd run out of analog pins. you might get away with hooking up 2 gyros to one analog in port and powering them through a digital pin, then switching one on at a time and taking a reading. then just hook up the other gyro and accelerometer to the remaining analog in ports. the servo information should be able to be read through a digital port, but thats alot of data going in through all those sensors. be sure you have enough processing power to do whatever you are going to do before you start buying parts.

Thanks for the reply, 16 MIPS should be enough for me and I'm going to start buying parts and if I get in trouble, I will get another board. I would assume that it's really easy to connect them togther and then I will be able to set them up so one does half of the job and one the other half. What do you think?

sounds good, some simple serial communication and you could easily make them work together.

if you run out of analog in ports you can easily get more with a siple 4051 analog multiplexor you get 8 analog inputs at the cost of one of the existing analog inputs and 3 digital pins.