Question about Maximum sampling rate of Arduino


Sorry if this is in the wrong spot but I'm wondering if anyone knows what the max number of times per second the Arduino can read a signal from the analog pins? My personal requirements are 240 times a second.


The datasheet for the ATmega168 states 15,000 samples/sec
is the maximum sample rate for full A/D resolution. Your 240-samples/sec is well within the capabilities of the '168.
The '328 has the same capability.


is that for the 10 bit adc resolution ?

oh, sweet! that's what i needed to know. Thanks for the quick answer.


To give you a practical real-world answer: I wrote a simple sketch to read some A/Ds, do some very simple noise filtering on them, and send the results to a PC via serial. I didn't do anything to try to optimize the code (except to choose a simple filtering algorithm that minimized the calculations, at the expense of doing only a so-so job of eliminating noise).

I included code to count the number of A/D readings, and got about 6000 samples per second on a standard 16MHz Arduino.