Question about Piezoelectric film sensor

I’m learning about piezoelectric film sensor and I see the graph frequency response(Hz) and voltage sensitivity (V/g) like picture uploaded. Some picture show graph plot from 0 to frequency resonance.
My question are

  1. What the range of frequency piezoelectric film sensor can sense the vibration ?
  2. Why does the datasheet show only specification at frequency resonance not show as frequency response range ? or the piezoelectric film sensor have stable voltage sensitivity at frequency resonance ?
  3. If voltage sensitivity vary when compare with frequency and I want to use piezoelectric film at X Hz. Can I do that and how do I measure voltage sensitivity at X Hz?
  4. If piezoelectric film sensor read 100mV at x Hz and I know voltage sensitivity is 200mV/g at x Hz so I can calculate g as 100mV/(200mv/g) = 0.5 g right?

thank you

Update Can I use accelerometer such as ADXL345 instead of piezoelectric as vibration sensor
.Could you please recommend accelerometer as vibration sensor that can measure frequency range

  1. 10Hz - 1kHz
  2. 10 Hz - 10 kHz
  3. 8 Hz - 1 kHz


Without link to the data sheet (where you should be able to find most of those answers) not much can be said about your specific sensor.

For your information.