Question About Pneumatic Cylinder Control Project

Dear All,

I want to detect the changes of the surface level while moving and to process&forward this data to my pneumatic cylinders which will be expected to make the equal-inverse movement of the change. I think I should use an IMO or some board which has accelerometer and gyro sensors inside.

I'm a pure mechanic and a newbie to arduino electronics. I set up the pneumatic schema&system but would You please suggest me which model or type of electronic equipments should I use in my project.

Thank You in advance for Your help.

If the assembly is stationary, you can use an accelerometer as a tilt sensor and I expect you'll be able to find examples doing that.

If it's moving I think you will need a gyro and accelerometer and some clever maths to combine them - for this solution I suggest you search for the algorithms used to control flying drones.

Thanks for the reply Peter!

It's moving. I will check the drones for the math.