Question about power bank and mkr100

Hi everyone, i´m about to start this project -> pavlov-s-cat

And i´m worry about how can i supply power to this project, my question is. Can i connect a power bank to juice up all the system, or i need a special battery for the project? i´m planning to use a power bank who delivers DC 5V/1500mA

Thank´s for the answers btw.

Not all power banks`are what they say they are so just beware your results may vary.
However there is nothing wrong with using a power bank to the USB port of the MKR1000

If you need to stretch out your usage then take time to delve into the power saving features of the MKR and simply do a few test runs to get the actual lifespan under your conditions.

Different usage and sensors will need different power requirements and there is no hard and fast rule as to what consumes how much.