Question about power to FTDI Bluetooth Mate

Hi All,

I am trying to create a battery powered device that will use bluetooth to connect to my PC purely for serial control/setup values.

I have a Arduino Pro and a Bluetooth Mate and want to not have the bluetooth module powered up all the time, it would only be required for about 10% of the use of the device.

Is it possible to connect the VCC line of the Bluetooth mate to a Digital Output pin on the Arduino. That way I can control via code if the Bluetooth module is turned on or not.

I am aiming to save battery life. Is this approach possible (will it work), or is it a waste of time?



Have a look at the specs and see how much power it draws. Theoretically you could let it draw 40 ma but that would be a lot for the arduino and probably not enough for it.

A simple external transistor circuit could switch it off and on for you.