Question about Pressure sensor package type

So awhile back, I ordered a HP03D High-Precision Pressure Sensor.

I have just now got around to looking close at the sensor, and it is in fact the HP03S which looks like this:

This is the device I thought I was buying:

Futurlec had the second image on their site when I ordered it originally. Are there any tricks to interfacing such a small device (the top picture) to the arduino?

I am obviously just an electronics beginner who may have bitten off more then he can chew…


The datasheet, in the last couple of pages shows the connection points and their names. You will need to solder pins or wires to the connection pads. You would need a good magnifying glass and small soldering iron and some experiance as it's quite close quarters. ;)


That’s what I thought.

I was hoping there was some trick to doing it that I wasn’t aware of…