Question about program error...

I’m not all into the programming, more the prototyping, and my (borrowed) code for a fingerprint scanning lock is giving me an error message. I’ve tried all the answers on the forums to no avail… Using an UNO R3 and Arduino 1.6.4.

Error:" two or more data types in declaration of ‘setup’"

The second file is the library I’m using - I’m also using SoftwareSerial

Also, i’m new to the forums, so please let me know if this is in the wrong place.

Enroll_FNGPRNT.ino (2.09 KB)

FPS_GT511C3.h (12.9 KB)

Check the last line of the .h file. What exactly is it doing? (other than causing your error)

Also, you don't need semicolons at the end of #include statements.

Also get rid of the "#pragma region" and "#pragma endregion" directives, they are doing nothing good - I've got no idea what they were intended for especially with the weird names '=...='

Why do you have class definitions embedded in class definitions? That may be legal but looks all wrong. Every class should stand on its own.