question about program makefile \ cc

hi to everyone ,
nice join you
i want to program the file in attiny13 but i dont understand the format
can you help me , compile in ino or uno
i give a try tomorrow also with xloader or barthloader

cch (8).zip (1.87 KB)

If you install this core in your Arduino IDE

Then select ‘Tools/board ATtiny13’ and copy/paste the source code into the IDE editor it will compile (with a couple of minor warnings). I don’t have a tiny13 so I can’t say if it works.

If you have the make utility installed the Makefile will work if you modify it a little bit.

BINPATH        = PATH ON YOUR SYSTEM TO /hardware/tools/avr/bin/

CC             = $(BINPATH)avr-gcc
ASFLAGS        = -Wa,-adhlns=$(<:.S=.lst),-gstabs 
ALL_ASFLAGS    = -mmcu=$(MCU_TARGET) -I. -x assembler-with-cpp $(ASFLAGS)
CFLAGS         = -g$(DEBUG) -Wall $(OPTIMIZE) -mmcu=$(MCU_TARGET) $(DEFS)
LDFLAGS        = -Wl,-Map,$(PRG).map

OBJCOPY        = $(BINPATH)avr-objcopy
OBJDUMP        = $(BINPATH)avr-objdump
SIZE           = $(BINPATH)avr-size