Question about project

Hello guys.!

I want to make a robot that you control from Android phone with Bluetooth. I have bought an Arduino Uno and motor shield for control 2 dc motors. So I want to ask I can with Arduino Uno and Bluetooth kit (HC06), take picture by using Web camera (from usb entry or cut the wires and connect it with pins) and sent it on my phone via Bluetooth??

The USB on the Uno does not have external device support. It's just a serial interface to a USB host.

Well is any other away do that? And still my question is can i sent picture via Bluetooth ?

No not with an Arduino.

but guys i saw that.

That is not a webcam is it? It is a serial JPEG camera. And it is very slow, is that a suitable speed for a robot?

No is not, I am new with arduino and i am asking if i can do that with web camera because this camera cost around 50$.

Any other idea?

I am new with arduino and i am asking if i can do that with web camera

And you have been told no.

look into Raspberry Pi for something like that. That is the best option. Raspberry pi can interface with cameras and real time streaming / record video /take pictures easier.

I have seen arduino controlled cameras that store information on the via sd card BUT all there really are is an arduino controlled shutter button. Just a simple switch that activated from a variable or input(PIR, distance, temperature....).