Question about servo's and their reaction speed


I'm trying to build a plate that can tilt in x and y direction, so I need 2 servo's to do this. But it has to react as quick as possible to change (for example my mouse).
I was looking at Sparkfun's servo's but I don't know enough about electronics to determine wether it's a good servo or not.

So I'm looking for a servo that is quick, doesn't have to be strong and doesn't have to do wide angles, just be very fast :slight_smile:
Anyone know where I can find one?

Now I have a Micro Servo 9g A0090, wich works great only that it is too slow :confused:

50msec / 60 degrees

For fastest movement of a servo, operate it at the high end of its design voltage. Don’t power the servo from the arduino. You might lengthen the servo arm for greater movement in the same amount of time. You could try modifying your standard servo (not modified for continuous rotation) like below to get quicker response.

I assume you want quick response will maintaining good control.

Goto RC Hobby sites for specs on many servos. They also have blogs where you can ask your question.

For example:

Thanks you guys for all the responses, i will look into all of them!

If you want the best only use hitec servos!