question about setReport?

Hi guys!

I’m tying to connect ps3-controller with arduino uno, I’m using usb host shield 2.0.

I have looked at USB-Host/ps3_usb.cpp at master · ribbotson/USB-Host · GitHub

Ribbotson uses Usb.setReport, what is the equivalent in the new usb library?

/* Set the PS3 controller to send reports */
for (i=0; i < PS3_F4_REPORT_LEN; i++) buf = pgm_read_byte_near( feature_F4_report + i);

  • rcode = Usb.setReport( PS3_ADDR, ep_record[ CONTROL_PIPE ].epAddr, PS3_F4_REPORT_LEN, PS3_IF, HID_REPORT_FEATURE, PS3_F4_REPORT_ID , buf );*
  • if( rcode ) return;*

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Only the Mega ADK has a host USB port. I don't think that usb devices are compatible with the uno usb port.

sorry i didn't mention that I'm using usb host shield 2.0. and arduino uno

any ideas? :)

I think you will need to look in the source code, there is an example setReport in hidboot.cpp
I’m finding my way around the code still