Question About Stand-Alone

Hey folks,

I have a general question here.

Once I make a project and burn it to the IC, can I remove the IC and run it on it’s own? Do I need to include the external crystal?

I ask because I am actually using the Arduino for programming and designing a project, but I don’t want it to run with the Arduino.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You can run it by itself (without the crystal), but I think most people would recommend you didn’t. Firstly, you would have to modify several settings to get it to run via the internal oscillator, and then modify something to do with “fuses” (Never quite understood that part :P). Afterwords, many functions wouldn’t work right, because the timing would be off. Other people can elaborate more on it than I can, but I think this should give you a general idea.

Oh well. The benefit of the software/bootloader is better. Crystals are cheap anyway. No big loss.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Crystals are cheap anyway

For standalone operation a 3 terminal 16mhz resonator is even simpler/cheaper as it does not require the two padding caps.


Thanks for the link.