Question about the 28BYJ-48 motor for 5 volts

Hi, I'm playing a bit with this motor (monopolar with 4 phases, quite common due to its reduce price), but some poitns are not going fine to me yet.

Could, someone who already have used this motor, tell me which is the inductance of the reels of this motor? I have a datasheet for this motor but it does not contains this parameter and I have not the required tools to emasure it.

Thanks in advance.

Seeing as how it is operated on DC the normal rating is the winding resistance which is 8 Ohms.

In my motors, the 12V version presents 123.9 - 126.4 ohms per reel and the 5V presents 31.1 - 31.6 ohms/reel.

Anyway, it does not offer any information about its inductance ...