Question about the address of i2c devices (bmp180 and ds1307)

Hello people, I want to launch a high altitude balloon with arduino in it. I'm using several sensors, including the BMP180 barometer. I also use a ds1307 real-time clock to log dta on my sd card. I'm using a bi-directional logic level converter to solve the problem that the BMP uses 3.3 V, and the RTC uses 5V.

Those two devices are using i2c, and i've read that the two of them had to have a different i2c address to use them on the same sda and scl port. (I can only use the A4 and A5 of my arduino uno becausen my sd shield won't let me access the others). The BMP's address seems to be 1110111, and the RTC's address seems to be 1101000 (according to the datasheets). Is okay like this ?

Thank you in advance, and sorry for my eventual grammar mistakes (my mothertongue is french).

yes. this should work. maybe have a look at this tutorial. it helped me a lot: tronixstuff i2c

Thanks, worked fine ^^