Question about the sketch edit remember

Are there any way to track the edit done on a sketch?
Some time add a line or delete a line just forgot, how to retrieve it?
Thanks for help.


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You can, of course, use Ctrl+Z to work back through the most recent edits to a sketch, but if you are going to make major changes its pays to save the current version before making them

What I often do when making a significant change to a line of code is to make a copy of it, paste it back into the sketch and comment out one of the copies. This leaves the original as a reference until I am happy with the changes and I can revert back to the original with a couple of clicks if I need to

Instead of deleting a line of code consider commenting it out instead to make it easy to add it back if required

Sometimes I have moved a whole section of code, such as a function, past the end of the code and commented it out so that it is there for reference should I need it

Once things are working to your satisfaction you can tidy up the code to remove superfluous commented out lines

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Thank you so much!
Solved my headache。

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