question about the TLC5940


I'm new to programming arduino and the TLC5940. But I do know some things about electronics. I wired up an Arduino uno and one TLC5940 like so:

For now I have one RGB (CA) LED, Red on channel0, Green channel1, Blue channel2. I wish to make a basic start, for example: make one channel high. How do I start off? I tried to read the night-rider fade that someone included but I did not understand a lot. Thanks in advance.

If you cant understand the knightrider code the best thing you can do is unhook the TLC and go back to the start. Use the blink code and other very simple examples to see how the code relates to what the boards I/O are doing. You might need to do some basic c++ tutorials as well, stick with learning about variable's, functions and syntax. Use a basic code window nothing fancy as non of that will be relevant to c++ on the arduino. When your ok with variables ,arrays and making code that will compile yourself ( hello world ) go back to the knightrider example.

The circuit needs some decoupling close to the TLC5940 - it is likely to misbehave in strange ways without decoupling. See Grumpy Mike's guide Until the hardware's reliable I wouldn't start on the software(!)