Question about transistor in my project.

Hi guy's, I'm new here so be kind if I'm making a mistake.

First off I'm using Arduino Uno with a FSR and an Electric Heat pad on a breadboard. (

Now I'm doing just fine setting up my components until I want to bring the heat pad into play. I want to be able to turn it off and on when I like however I can't seem to get it to draw any power from the microcontroller so I need to draw power from the 5v, which means I cannot turn it off or on at will via Arduino.

I heard word that a transistor could help, but I'm a bit stuck with that (which kinds?). I know they have 3 legs but which should take the 5v and which should take the digital pin and which takes the ground.?

Please help!

Thanks for the info, I will try tomorrow. :slight_smile: