question about wire type

I'm in need of some 16 gauge stranded that will carry 120VAC for a fan/light unit. It's enclosed and what the manufacturer used was 2 conductor with a loose fitting thin jack that bends very easy. It's not the type of jacket that you would leave exposed but it's good for enclosed. I have been googling for something but cannot find any because I really don't know what to call it. Anyone know what type of jacket I am referring to and what it might be called?

Suggest Silicone insulation wire.

Yeah but I like the jacket because it keeps the pair together.

Most fan or lights (really any low-current appliances) use what is called Zip wire.

Anything with more than one conductor is called a "cable". Google found [u]this[/u].

I often use nylon parachute cord as an outer sheath (with the 7-11 inner strings removed).

See this PDF:;topic=381469.0;attach=156095

Note the 16AWG silicone insulated wire has 50 strands ! !

Great flexibility !

I think this is what I am looking for....

Where I live it's most commonly called "sleeving" but there are probably other names.


Local Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware or just about any home improvement store. I would look for AWG 16 2C or 3C jacketed cable. Really pretty common off the shelf stuff. The 2C or 3C is just the number of conductors. You can even get AWG 16 20C. :slight_smile:


In the US, common 3C appliance cord is type “SJT”, don’t know about 2C. Try searching “SJT cord”.