Question be for I get started.

I have a few projects of my own that i want to do. they are mainly repairing some boards for pneumatic markers that i own. these board are not made any more, in some cases the company who made them went under. I want to get to the point to where i can either keep what i have running or make my own. they are not complicated, i just need to make myself a parts list and test the board. after that, its desoldering, cleaning and soldering in the new components. i have done this be for with much success. but i would like to understand what i am working with more. replacing parts its easy, but being able to know what every part is/does is a level that i havnt attempted.

I plan on getting the starter kit to play with. But my question would be. What should i be looking for and are there any "kits" and/or "books" that people could suggest for what i want to do?

You could get online help, tutorials or articles . It would surely help you ! :) 40