Question Before I buy this

I want to use the arduino as a tool to monitor items in my home.

1 - Sump pumps
2 - Fire alarms
3 - other external items
4 - Monitor tempature and adjust thermostat

I have made sensors that can detect water / fire and close a relay to send a signial to the arduino, I then want the arduino to connect to the PC (VIA USB) and send me an email that there is an issue.

Can this device do all this?

If so, can someone point me in the direction on how to get started (other than buying the device)

Any help would be appreciated.


the Arduino would just be formatting sensor information for your PC. In this case, it’'s a cheap way of getting sensor data to your PC.

Start by getting a few sensors going with the Arudino. You can monitor these in the Arduino IDe using the built-in serial monitor.

Half the job will be finding out what software is going to a) accept the data form the Arduino and b) do the email stuff for you. That will be lots of work unless you;re a codemaster type of person.


If you get Tom Igoe’s book “Making Things Talk” it will pretty much step you through it, from absolutely nothing, through microcontroller basics, internet/email protocol basics though to a setup that will send emails (and more, like formatting a web page with current status) based on sensor inputs.

Highly recommended book in general, and more relevant for your project than anything else. It would be worth buying before you even buy an Arduino.

Check out, - proce55ing can read data sent to it by Arduino, and run a php script located on a remote server from your internet connected pc.

A webmail php script, will send an email to you, determined by values passed to it by proce55ing, and you can go on to store events on a mySql dB located on the same server using the de.bezier.mysql library.

Here is some of Tom’s work to get you started:-