Question Building a Plant Take Care

Hi, I am new in this Arduino. I am a student. and I want to create a project. My idea it s a plant take care . Two pots with led, cool and water. My question is if I can find somewhere or if it s possible to build it with Arduino uno. I know to code a little c++ but not in a very high level.

Two pots with led, cool and water

this is not a specification....what do you want to really build, what's the role of the arduino, what functions should be provided?

watering cooling and lighting. Watering when soil need, cooling to get a fixed temperature and lighting at some hours

Show us a block diagram what you think is needed.

Are we talking about one plat/pot ?


  • RTC
  • Peristaltic Dosing pump
  • Peltier Plate
  • temperature
  • DS18B20
  • relay

There are zillions of plant related tutorials with Arduino. just google around

I know are a lot of them I see them right now. But didn t find yet one with all 3. And I don t know how to combine them. And @LarryD don t have any diagram yet I just asked if I can combine all 3 in one.

yes you can.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:


There's a significant conceptual problem here.

Exactly why would you actually think you could not combine all 3 in one? :worried:

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