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Hi guys!!
I'm a student in the running for the exams and would like to design something to be exhibited to the commission that will evaluate me.

I think of designing an ECG with Arduino by sending the data to the desktop app or a mobile app, it will show the graph ECG and / or give approximate judgments in real time about possible malfunctions, problems and peak risks. This is possible thanks to the algorithms that were provided to me by a surgeon that I know.

At the application level, being a programmer, I have no problem in software development.

At the hardware level, however, I do not know where to start since it is the first time I get close to this environment because the school context there has ever granted.

I'd like advice and / or tips on which roads to follow, or if maybe someone intends to follow step by step in the creation or otherwise, I'd love to!

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This is possible thanks to the algorithms that were provided to me by a surgeon that I know.

Those algorithms certainly expect some kind of data as input. Where will you get that data? Specifically, what kind of sensor(s) are you planning to use?

HI @PaulS,

Thank's for answer.

Sincerely I don't know which sensor should I use.

I was thinking about to buy DIY EKG Using Arduino and Javascript
(the Olimex shield, 3 electrodes and the arduino board)

In fact the main problem is to read datas produced by the olimex shield + sensors.

Sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

The manual for the Olimex board is excellent and available here. It covers the jumper configurations required for basic use, the configuration I used can be seen below.

The Arduino sketch they provide is responsible for reading from the analogue inputs associated with the shield and then writing this data out to the Serial port.

So, it looks to me like someone has done all the work for you already.

OK problem solved.
I Think you can close the thread!