Question for a Complicate Project


I want to make an game controller for FORZA and I am new to arduino. My problem is tath I bought a
Arduino Uno with CH340 chipset. So im am chearching a new way to do it because I know that(I think)no one have done it before with success. So my way would be to send different data to a USB cable from my arduino. EX:I press a button and tath send 0.6v, I recover this data to my PC and I made a code(in python for exemple) That say to my mouse and keyboard what to do. So, in brief, i want to know I can recover custom usb data on my pc and how.

I Know it sound crazy but I want to know if this is possible.

Thank you


You can send any value over the serial USB cable, using one or more characters.

You will more than likely have to write a low level (C/C++) driver for your keyboard and mouse; that can not be done in python. Or try to find an existing one.

Not to discourage you but it will be a few million times easier to buy an Arduino or Teensy that supports native USB (e.g. Arduino Leonardo/Micro, Sparkfun Pro Micro or any (I think) Teensy).

Yeah, get a micro/leonardo - an uno is the wrong choice (though it can be done with difficulty) and an uno clone that doesn’t have a 16u2 would be a large and unpleasant task.